1. Troy Brooks, Feeding on the Flakes of Loaded Heart, 2013, oil on canvas, 24” x 30”

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  3. Just outside the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. February, 2014. More of Beijing coming soon.

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  5. Nadav Kander - More from the series Yangtze, the Long River

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  6. Robin F Williams

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  7. "

    We return as pigs
    We snap back onto the pig magnet that eats and shits

    Don’t say that I pinned a flower in my hair
    lay down on my icy death bed
    inserted oxygen tubes and buzzed-buzzed frigidly cold
    We return as hot pigs
    We return for our final act
    The act in which our fingers rot even before we lie down in our coffins

    — by Kim Hyeeson (from “Marilyn Monroe” in “I’m OK! I’m Pig!”)

  8. "Long ago, all the things I ever wanted were inside a display case.
    Maybe that’s why I became afraid of everything kept behind the glass.
    My lovers asked, Are you afraid of this wine? Why are you afraid? Are you afraid
    of that bread? Why are you afraid? Are you afraid of the people behind the glass
    window? Why are you afraid?
    It’s pouring. 10 tons of glass beads fall every hour on the asphalt pavement.
    Our past and our future are all inside the transparent beads."
    — Kim Hyeeson

  9. "

    I’m a soldier of goodbye
    I’m a body that produced a dead infant
    I’m a minus producing machine
    If you get too close to me anyone turns into Minussoandso
    I don’t know why my music only subtracts and doesn’t know how to add
    I get carried away by music and disappear into the supersonic

    In this country no one can choose the fall
    Here people swarm all over to cure you
    but I’ll live together with the fallen angel for the time being

    — by Kim Hyeeson (from Morning Greetings)
  10. Jan Kriwol

  11. Jan Kriwol

  12. Street Photos of New York in 1950s by Vivian Mayer

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    We feel lost.


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    Félix Vallotton: Le Provincial, 1909

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